A Bright Future: The Renaissance of The Independent Construction Professionals

How to achieve your breakout and release your potential in the new economic reality

Independent Construction Professionals have long been an integral part of the project strategic advisory and delivery landscape, and continue to serve an essential role as consultants, and trusted advisors to clients in the UK.

By Independent Construction Professionals, we mean Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, and many more who operate lawfully as freelancers, sole traders, micro-businesses, interims, or only full-time employee who monetise their knowledge on the side.

We will refer to Independent Construction Professionals as Freelancers henceforth.

Due to the complex IR35 legislation, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a gradual shift in the way clients (both public and private organisations) and recruitment agencies have treated many activities traditionally performed by Freelancers. This shift calls into question what role Freelancers will play in the future.

Recruitment agents once served as the front line in staff selection, vetting, payment, and intermediation; charging astronomical fees in the process. The agent was once the go-between; now, clients are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the hassle, transaction costs, and comply with legislation.

Surprisingly, these trends have yet to lead to significant changes in the construction recruitment landscape. There are signs, however, that the economics of the Freelancer model are beginning to unravel post-pandemic, and this is an excellent opportunity for Freelancers contrary to popular beliefs.

Freelancers can interact more directly with clients, at a lower cost, without unnecessary frictions, and with more consistent service levels using digital technology. The once clear division of labour between Freelancer and agent is diminishing, but agent commission structures and models remain mostly unchanged. Many Freelancers are now asking themselves what role agents play in the system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many industries and working practices to move away from the traditional workplace models. These new economic realities have altered the construction talent landscape in the personal and business bottom line.

Four Core Breakout Strategies Emerge For The Smart Freelancer

Four core breakout strategies serve as your foundation as you seek to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive environment:

Define and Teach Your Target Sector

A general view of the marketplace can no longer sustain your Freelance business model. To be successful, you will move beyond the local market thinking, in which your client base is strictly geographically defined (for instance, by the mileage radius centred on your home). You will need to take a broader view of the market and have a more precise articulation of your target client, sector (for example, if you are an architect who specialises in residential, you will need to focus on residential clients and associated services). Traditional tactics are no longer sufficient in the digital era. You need to increase your digital presence, and become more flexible in communication strategies with your clients (e.g., video chat, instant messaging, portfolios, reviews Etc.), and find new and more cost-effective ways to reach potential clients (e.g. through an online talent marketplace).

Focus on Your Expertise

The digital age makes it easy for clients to access information at their fingertips, for free. Clients expect specialist advice that adds value to their projects. The digital revolution has created an appetite and expectation for more tailored, specialised services. This revolution translates into a demand for more personalised and deep expertise from their advisors. Clients will turn to you for advice on their specific project requirements.

Increase Your Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities

As a professional, your value is your tacit knowledge which cannot be easily acquired, transferred, and sold without prior investment in studies and professional experiences. Now more than ever before, you need to be competitive to be relevant in the future. You need to invest in courses, seminars, webinars, and appropriate technical software pertinent to your field.

Ensure Compliance with Legislation

You are worried about the IR35 legislation which comes into effect in April 2021 in the UK. IR35 is simply legislation that seeks to prevent incorrect employment classification. The taxman wants you to be appropriately classified so that he can collect the sums properly due, and ensure that you are not a disguised employee.

Recruitment agencies have told that you have only two options left to choose from 1) go permanent, or 2) work through an umbrella company (guess who wins in both options?).

Working through an online marketplace allows you to work as a genuine construction professional without the hassle. Here is How It Works:

  • Step 1 – Register Now as a professional on Survehub.com and fill in details about your skills, knowledge, experience, rates Etc.
  • Step 2 – Browse the site via sector and job category to find opportunities that suit you. Also, look at jobs Survehub highlights for you based on your skills and requirements.
  • Step 3 – If you like the sound of a job, speak directly with the potential client to ask any questions and find out more. If you’re happy, send a proposal outlining why you’re a good fit for the project, create your milestone schedule, reporting frequency, and how much you’ll charge.
  • Step 4 – When you win a job, complete each stage of the project as agreed between you and the client.
  • Step 5 – When you have completed the job, and your client is happy, funds are released to you directly through Survehub. As soon as the money hits your Survehub account, you can withdraw it instantly.
  • Step 6 – Get rated and reviewed by the client to build your reputation. And you also can check the client.

That’s it – simple.

The client engages you through a procurement process, not a recruitment process (you see the difference?). You join Survehub to comply with IR35, access a large pool of clients, browse and bid for jobs that suit you, without having to deal with recruitment agencies and the time and hassle that it involves, and get rated by the client transparently and conveniently.

You are determined to succeed in the new economy as a genuine Freelancer, so Register Now and take advantage of the only job site you will ever need – www.survehub.com.

Survehub makes it easy for organisations to hire construction professionals locally or remotely in a faster, convenient, and transparent way. What's more, our robust matchmaking process ensures we match client needs with the best possible talent - at a predictable cost.

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