End Job-Seeking Frustration With The Website That Brings Quality Construction Positions To You

Finding work in the construction sector can be frustrating.

Jobs are often hard to come by – even though you know they’re out there. So, you rely on agencies and job boards. But that often leads to a tide of job spam – as they invariably try to fit a round peg into a square hole.

There is a solution:

Survehub is the specialist construction talent-hiring platform that connects you with companies and organisations that need your skills.

It is only for construction professionals – such as architects, surveyors, engineers, consultants etc. – and you deal directly with potential employers.

You can quickly find and apply for positions that suit you, without having to deal with agencies – and all the time and hassle that involves. 

Survehub also keeps you on the right side of IR35 – it ensures compliance, so you can stop worrying about falling foul of this complex new legislation. 

Here are some more advantages of using Survehub.

· Easy tax compliance. The system takes care of VAT tax for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

· Your reputation grows as you complete projects. As you collect positive feedback from employers, you enhance your reputation and win more jobs.

· Build trust with employers. When you do a good job, employers will come back to you for more.

How much does it cost to look for work on Survehub?

Nothing. It’s free to register and browse for jobs. 

You only pay when you win a job and start earning. Then, you pay a flat rate of 10% of the total project fee. You only pay for bid credits when you use up your FREE 50 bids credit allowance.

Survehub makes it easy for organisations to hire construction professionals locally or remotely in a faster, convenient, and transparent way. What's more, our robust matchmaking process ensures we match client needs with the best possible talent - at a predictable cost.

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