Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Create An Outstanding Profile On Survehub

Your professional profile is your passport to opportunities online and an asset that allows you to attract prospects. After all, the demand for your services is unlikely to reach its peak until you fully complete your profile. So why leave it to chance?

The best strategy to promote yourself as a construction professional is to create an attractive profile. In this article, we’re going to list five reasons why you need to create an outstanding profile on Survehub.

1. Present Yourself As An Expert

When prospects visit your profile, you want to demonstrate that you’re the expert in your specific field by developing your brand. There’s no better way to do that than your professionally looking profile.

As prospects look through your profile, they want to see how you’re the best person to solve their problems. This will make your personal brand look impressive from their perspective and demonstrate that you’re reliable to deliver their projects.

2. Establish Trust With Your Prospect

It’s not easy for prospects to trust you immediately. Instead, it would be best if you made it easy for prospects to trust you faster. You can develop trust through transparency; for example, by listing an excellent portfolio of past projects on your profile. Or a good strategy is to add a link of your professional website where the prospect can visit to view examples of your work with other clients.

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3. Share Your Profile On Social Media

Nowadays, it’s increasingly difficult to make an impact at scale without communicating on social media. Perhaps you rely on your LinkedIn profile to do the job for you, but this isn’t enough. Why? Because LinkedIn is a horizontal platform; meaning that it covers a wide breadth of the market and serves multiple industries – prospects have to cut through the noise to find you.

 Instead, a vertical platform like Survehub serves only the construction industry. With integrated social media buttons, you can share your profile with other media to get more traction at scale.

4. Sell Your Services Faster

You aim to sell your services faster at scale. By creating an outstanding profile, you stand a much higher chance to convert prospects into clients. What’s more, prospects know when you put some effort into crafting a well-written profile full of facts. They’ll naturally like what they read, and you’ll stand out of the crowd.

5. Your Content Is Vital

The only reason prospects choose to hire you is because of your quality profile. Because Survehub automates the skills matching process, you’ll benefit significantly by filling out all the required fields to create your unique professional profile.

6. You Have The Opportunity To Engage With Prospects

Prospects may use details you provide on your profile as an ice-breaker. For example, you’ve completed special projects that may be of interest to them. By engaging with your prospects at this level provides opportunities to build relationships that may lead to projects.

Survehub makes it easy for organisations to hire construction professionals locally or remotely in a faster, convenient, and transparent way. What's more, our robust matchmaking process ensures we match client needs with the best possible talent - at a predictable cost.

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